About Us

Our Company is a leading maker and supplier of electronic musical instruments, consisting of keyboards and synthesizers, guitar items, electronic percussion, digital recording devices, amplifiers, and audio processing gadgets. With over 40 years of development that continues to form the noise of contemporary music, Our Company sets the requirements in music innovation for the world to follow.

Have a look at the devices used by your preferred artists-- possibilities are, they're utilizing Our Company equipment to develop their music.

From classic-styled instruments that offer the genuine look of standard pianos to mobile instruments created for expert use on phase, Our Company acclaimed digital pianos provide high-level touch and tone plus unrivalled education and innovation functions.

Our Company provides a complete variety of keyboards and synthesizers that lead the market in sound quality, efficiency functions, and ease of use. With designs to match the requirements of gamers from starting to expert, Roland keyboards and synthesis are amongst the most popular worldwide.